Di Tre Volte

In Tuscany (Italy), Di Tre Volte is a fig tree which produces three crops (breba, main crop and cimaruoli). The main crop is really early in Tuscany and ripens at the end of July.

In Haute-Savoie (France), only the main crop is able to ripen. The fruit is of average size, has a yellow skin. It is very sweet, but has no real perfume.

Unfortunately, the wood is very sensitive to cold and humidity and can be ill very rapidly. One must then accept to lose 4 to 5 years of growth, with no possibility to find an alternate solution.

In addition, the main crop fruit has a very big eye, therefore not resistant to adverse weather conditions, which develops some unwanted rot around it. The fruit also splits even in dry conditions.

Finally, the stalk is unable to retain the weight of the fruit, which may drop. This cultivar is abandoned.
General data
Origin Italy
Synonym(s), local names  
Tree type Common
Crop Triferous
Tree morphological characteristics
Shape Spreading
Vigor Strong
Ability to produce suckers Weak
Height after 10 years 400 cm
Width after 10 years 350 cm
Minimum width 350 cm
Branch morphological characteristics
Branch color Brown
Caliber Large
Buds Green
Leaves morphological characteristics
Leaves Large
Lobs 1-3-5
Depth Medium sinuses
Adaptation outside the Mediterranean area
Cold hardiness Low
Wind resistant Medium
Pot culture
Main crop
Yield Weak
Fruits dropping Partial fruit drop
Alternance None
Sensitivity to splitting Little resistant
Crop begin date (day-month) Valleiry:07-09
External characteristics
Skin color Yellow
Skin thickness Thin
Shape Round
Stalk Breaks off readily
Stalk shape Short and medium
Neck No neck
Neck color Yellow
Eye Big, opened
Eye color
Average weight (grams) 50 g
Internal characteristics
Pulp color Dark amber
Seeds Felt, few
Organoleptic evaluation
Texture Juicy
Sugar Very sweet
Taste Very good
Perfume Weak
Organoleptic descriptors Cool, Green, Honey