On-going observations and trials in cold environment

Many cultivars are still under evaluation and the descriptive sheets will be available once all required information is collected, over a period of 3 years or more. All these selected varieties take the following criteria into account:

1) Cold resistant and heavy breba crop.
2) Cold resistant, (less than for breba production), but with a very early main crop production.

Hereafter, you will find the current cultivar trial list that is sorted according to one crop type. Although a fig tree may produce both breba and main crops (biferous, triferous), only one crop type will be evaluated, to determine whether the cultivar is adapted to a cold environment, such as the one from the North of the Alps.

You will notice that some fig trees are more "border line" than others (i.e. Grise de St-Jean), but they are worth trying anyway for their recognized fruit quality.

Breba Crop:

- Cascitello,
- Columbro Nero,
- Desert King,
- Grise de St-Jean,
- Valleiry,
- etc.

Main Crop:

- Cascitello,
- Col de Dame noire,
- Dalmatie,
- Pastilière,
- Ronde de Bordeaux,
- Vallecalda,
- etc.

In warmer and earlier years, some cultivars perform better and correctly produce both breba and main crops, which alters the observations. Nevertheless, the philosophy behind these trials is to always identify cultivars which succeed every year constantly, like "Valleiry" or "Desert King..

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