Gallo was found in an Italian village (350 meters of elevation) that is known for being cold and snowy during winter, in the southern part of the Alps.

This is a medium-sized tree, which produces few brebas, of medium quality, and an early and abundant main crop, at the beginning of September till the first frosts. The main crop figs are really small, but have fair to good organoleptic qualities.

In cool and rainy summers, Gallo is a type of tree, whose branches keep on growing until the end of the fall season, preventing main crop from ripening. Therefore, it is very important to pinch the terminal buds, when branches bear between six to eight fruits

It is also named "Binello" meaning "Twins" as main crop fruits often appear grouped together. This name is also used to represent Dottato, Kadota in the USA, and probably the only resemblance is the exceptionally heavy main crop.

This fig tree is interesting for its cold hardiness, early main crop ripening period and manageable tree size. However due to really small fruit size, this fig tree is abandonned.
General data
Origin Italy, Ligury
Synonym(s), local names Binello, Buzzone
Tree type Common
Crop Biferous
Tree morphological characteristics
Shape Spreading
Vigor Medium
Ability to produce suckers Weak
Height after 10 years 350 cm
Width after 10 years 300-400 cm
Minimum width 300 cm
Branch morphological characteristics
Branch color Brown, green
Caliber Medium
Buds Green
Leaves morphological characteristics
Leaves Average
Lobs 1-3-5
Depth Medium sinuses
Adaptation outside the Mediterranean area
Cold hardiness Very good
Wind resistant Excellent
Pot culture Excellent
Breba crop
Yield Almost none
Fruits dropping High fruit drop
Alternance Weak
Sensitivity to splitting Very resistant
Crop begin date (day-month) Valleiry:21-07
External characteristics
Skin color Yellow
Skin thickness Thick
Shape Pyriform
Stalk Breaks off readily
Stalk shape
Neck Quite long
Neck color Yellow
Eye Medium, closed
Eye color Brown, red
Average weight (grams) 19 g
Internal characteristics
Pulp color Amber
Seeds Felt, many
Organoleptic evaluation
Texture Juicy
Sugar Sweet
Taste Good
Perfume Quite weak
Organoleptic descriptors Sweet
Main crop
Yield Strong
Fruits dropping No fruit drop
Alternance None
Sensitivity to splitting Very resistant
Crop begin date (day-month) Valleiry:04-09
External characteristics
Skin color Green, yellow
Skin thickness Thick
Shape Turbinate
Stalk Does not break off readily
Stalk shape Short and medium
Neck Short
Neck color Green, yellow
Eye Big, opened
Eye color Brown, red
Average weight (grams) 18 g
Internal characteristics
Pulp color Dark amber
Seeds Felt, many
Organoleptic evaluation
Texture Pasty
Sugar Sweet
Taste Medium
Perfume Medium
Organoleptic descriptors